Site open

Date : 2010.01.06 12:00
Site opened yesterday.

The purpose of this site is to introduce my works for vintage apple to the world. So far, I have been writing at my blog only in Korean language. But now I want to share (or, boast) my works to the one who is not able to read Korean, but can understand English.

I'm a Korean, and naturally, Korean language is more comfortable for me than English. That means, you can't expect me to use flawless English. And that also means that this site may not be updated as promptly as you wish. Well, but better than nothing, right? :-)

The first thing I have to do with this site is to copy some of the works from my Korean blog to here. My works include:

Hardware -
1. Making a joypad for vintage apple (apple //e, apple //c)
2. Fixing an old apple joystick
3. PS/2 keyboard to apple converter board, for apple ][ (prototype)
4. PS/2 keyboard to apple converter board, for apple //e (prototype)
5. AKC (Apple Keyboard Converter) for apple ][ and apple //e
6. Apple Disk II Emulator board (in progress)

Software -
1. Picture file converter for apple
2. DSK file to NIB file converter

Stay tuned! :)
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